The Post Anesthesia Care Unit At Miami Children's Hospital

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A Harmonious Exemplification On the post anesthesia care unit at Miami Children’s Hospital, students and nurses alike witnessed a harmonious exemplification of the six competencies of Quality and Safety Education for Nurses, more commonly known as QSEN. The post anesthesia care unit, PACU, was off to a slow start just before teamwork between the preoperative unit, also called PREOP, the operating room, and PACU were put to the test. A 4 year-old, already extubated, female patient had come to the unit from the operating room, more commonly referred to as the OR. The OR nurse proceeded to inform the receiving PACU nurse that the patient just had an arterial line placed in the femoral artery in order to later undergo apheresis for cancer treatment. Upon performing an assessment, the nurse noticed that the patient’s pressure dressing was saturated with blood due to a hemorrhage. A team consisting of PACU nurses, the anesthesiologist, the OR nurse and students rushed to the bedside to assist in restraining the squirming patient in order to keep her flat and still. Ultimately, the dressing was replaced a total of four times before the hemorrhage ceased, the patient received one unit of packed red blood cells, and had a new intravenous line, or IV, started because the previous site had developed a reaction to the Demorol administered in the OR. To prevent further distress for the patient, the anesthesiologist, surgeon, and primary care physician collectively decided to

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