The Postive of Social Networking

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Social Networking has been an incredibly popular, and affected much of the society around the world. Social Networking has changed many people around the world from educational purposes to people’s life styles. Many of the Social Networking websites have a way to connect with other people all around the world, to make new friends, learn new things and even make relationships.
Social Networking has increased in a very fast way in the past years, especially among college students, and high school students. Twenty-first century students tend to grow around all types of new technology were they are able to have internet, and have access to commonly used social networking. Students tend to have a higher skill level of intelligence to technology such as computers, cell phones, i-pods, tablets and video games, since there lives are spent exploring social media. The majority of the populations have internet and Wi-Fi installed in their home, and that is an easier way to increase social media, and have more communication with others with Social Networking. Facebook is one of the most commonly used Social Networking twenty-first student tend to have a higher social communication with others. Facebook is one of the most used Social Media used by college students, and high school students. As stated in the article “The Reasons for Non-Use of Social Net-working Websites by University Students” , “Facebook’s statistics report that there are 901 million monthly active users who create
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