The Postman 's Comment The Context Of Our Course

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My role in this essay, of course, is to experiment the Postman’s comment the context of our course. In the context, Neil Postman mentions that technology is like not an unmixed blessing and technology first gives and then it will take away something from us. It 's well known, I would say that the technology is like a business and it has its own cost. For example, if you spend your money on the technology then you get the access to use it at any time. Under such conditions, we can easily conclude that technology is a business and always comes at a price. What is technology? In my opinion, technology is something that we developed by using our knowledge and skills to create useful things or to solve our practical problems. There are many types of technology which are mechanical, information, electronic, medical, communication and so on. We all are using these technologies in our everyday lives. With the rise of technology, almost everyone believes that technology only has made our lives more comfortable and the world a better place. Clearly, we all can say that technology has a lot of benefits than the blockages. Worst of all, it also has a dark side which does make our life more complicated instead of easier. Of course, considering Neil Postman’s commentary at an IBM- sponsored meeting, I must agree with his criticism that nobody ever seriously speaks about the disadvantages of technology. Throughout our course material, we have learned mostly about the computer
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