The Effects Of Love In Alexander Pushkin's Short Stories

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In Alexander Pushkin’s Belkin Tales, there are two short stories, “The Postmaster” and “Mistress into Maid”, that help show the effects of the decisions concerning love. In the short story “The Postmaster” the daughter of the Postmaster, Dunya, is abducted or possibly runs away with a traveler. She never returns to her father despite his attempt to contact her, until it is too late, since her father had passed away. “Mistress into Maid” tells of a story where a young woman, Lizaveta, dresses as a peasant girl to meet the young man, Alexey, from the family that her father hates. Eventually they both fall in love with each other. Despite all of Lizaveta’s attempts to keep her identity a secret, Alexey finds out who she really is, and the two lovers live happily ever after. In his short stories, Puskin illustrates the complicity of love and the effects of scandalous lustful sinful love found in the “The Postmaster” while in the “Mistress into Maid” he illustrates the effects of sweet, innocent love to serve as a lesson to choose wisely before “falling in love”. Even though the stories have different ends and different circumstances, there are commonalities between the two. Both short stories are complicated, each filled with its own set of misshaping, which illustrates one of Pushkin’s main ideas that love is always complicated. In the “The Postmaster” the daughter, Dunya, helps her father with the station and throughout the story, it is evident that if Dunya wants the

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