The Potato, Or The S. Tuberosum

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CAUSE: The potato, or the S. tuberosum, is a tuberous crop that consists of mainly starch and water. This particular crop originated in the Andes, a large mountain range that is situated South America. The inhabitants of this wide diverse terrain, the Andeans, were the first persons to domesticate and widely cultivate the potato. The Andeans cultivated an extensive variety of potatoes, due to the difference in species that relied on several components; such as elevation and soil type. When the Spaniards began their colonization of the Americas in the sixteenth century, they discovered the Andeans’ usage of potatoes and advanced farming techniques. The Spaniards transported these techniques and potato to Europe through the Columbian Exchange. After the potato was diffused into Europe, it yielded effects that would influence Europe for centuries to come. The introduction of the potato (cause) was one of the most influential events in European history. This crop has numerous beneficial factors. For instance, the potato: has a relatively short growing season compared to other crops. Because of this, the potato could be harvested earlier to avoid unseasonable weather. has productive tubers (modified stems that store nutrients underground) that, it tripled Europe’s food supply and had the largest yield in comparison to other vegetables. contains all vitamins and nutrients needed to sustain life → individuals became strong enough to fight off infectious diseases. was extremely
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