The Potential Abolishment of Government Assistance Programs

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The Potential Abolishment of Government Assistance Programs Government Assistant Programs such as Welfare, Food stamps, Daycare, Healthcare, Energy, Communication and Transportation should be kept because they serve as an aid to people who need them. Past and current supporters of extirpating Government Assistant Programs claim that social security is number one on the list for needing to be suppressed. There are some who say that social security is a mandatory Ponzi scheme that has a bad effect on American workers. According to Julia Borowski, staff writer at Freedom Works, who promotes lower taxes, less government, and more freedom, calls social security a mandatory Ponzi scheme. Borowski also claims that everyone is being forced to…show more content…
Clines). In reality, however, welfare not only helps poor single mothers, but has reduced poverty, and lowered unwed parenting rates. As reported by Scott Winship and Christopher Jencks, “Welfare reform worked, don’t fix it. It has brought single mothers into workforce and has increased their incomes” (Winship and Jencks). Also, Jeff Jacoby, Journalist and Recipient of Breindel Prize, states individuals and or families on Welfare plummeted by 6 percent, falling form 5 million families to fewer than 2 million. Employment rate for those who were likely to slip into long term dependence soared by nearly 100 percent, lifting more and more children out of poverty (Jeff Jacoby). Aside from that, welfare reform has relieved many people out of poverty. Senator Daniel Patrick Moyihan, warned that if we negated welfare we would “Push 1.1 million children into poverty” and that we would “have children sleeping on grates” (Daniel Patrick Moyihan). According to Steven Malanga, senior editor of City Journal, welfare reform motivates and prepares the unemployed to return to the work force, thereby reducing joblessness and poverty (Steven Malanga). It makes more sense to want to see citizens of our country becoming independent, or benefiting with the help of our
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