The Potential Cause Of Global Warming

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The potential causes of global warming are debated about by many scientists. Many scientists believe that global warming is natural while others believe it to be caused by mostly humans. Global warming may be completely natural for many reasons. First, Earth tends to go through cycles of heating and cooling and this wouldn’t be the first time our planet has begun to heat up unexpectedly. Second, nobody can directly correlate humans with global warming, we may emit CO2 but that doesn’t mean we caused it. Other people believe that humans caused the entire thing because of our CO2 emissions. If we weren’t emitting so much CO2 then the Earth would not be heating up at the rate that it is currently. The greenhouse gases that we emit go up into the atmosphere where they trap the heat that enters our atmosphere resulting in the heating of our planet. The way global warming effects the way we live is a really big question. Many people don’t know how it would affects us but it would be drastic. If the icecaps were to melt, as a result of global warming, many countries would be flooded and our landscapes would be forever changed. Many of the crops we grow today would not be able to flourish resulting in possible famine. The way greenhouse gases effect global warming are pretty obvious. If we were able to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions then we could potentially slow the roll of global warming. If our greenhouse gas emissions were drastically decreased this could potentially stop…

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