The Potential Cause Of Global Warming

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The potential causes of global warming are debated about by many scientists. Many scientists believe that global warming is natural while others believe it to be caused by mostly humans. Global warming may be completely natural for many reasons. First, Earth tends to go through cycles of heating and cooling and this wouldn’t be the first time our planet has begun to heat up unexpectedly. Second, nobody can directly correlate humans with global warming, we may emit CO2 but that doesn’t mean we caused it. Other people believe that humans caused the entire thing because of our CO2 emissions. If we weren’t emitting so much CO2 then the Earth would not be heating up at the rate that it is currently. The greenhouse gases that we emit go up into…show more content…
CO2 is the main greenhouse gas that traps energy and majority of the cars that we drive today emit it so were are not preventing global warming at all. Global warming could potentially be completely natural. There is “no real evidence that humans have caused Global Warming (S. Fred Singer).” There is hardly any if any at all of evidence that supports humans are the cause of global warming at all. Not a single scientist has been able to say one hundred percent that humans are the cause of global warming. Nobody has been able to find a direct correlation between humans and global warming. Our CO2 emissions may not be helping it but we are not the main cause. If we did not exist our planet would still be going through these cycles of heating and cooling. This isn’t the first time our planet has begun heating and most likely will not be the last time either. It is just a completely natural cycle and there is nothing we can do about it. “The glaciers are melting and the Arctic sea is disappearing but this doesn’t mean that it is caused by humans (S. Fred Singer).” This only shows that Earth is warming but does not tell whether humans are causing it or not. Earth could just potentially be on one of its warming cycles without any assistance from humans at all. The earth has seen many of these cycles and will continue to go through them as long as the earth is still present. If it was on one
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