The Potential Hazards Of The South China Sea

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As the tension and activities of competing countries increase in the South China Sea this in turn has increased potential implications for its environment. One major implication is the potential hazards that are threatening coral reefs and other components of the local marine ecology within that region. The once untouched ecosystem is at danger because of aggressive engagements of ocean floors in search of natural resources. Since 2013, China has orchestrated reclamation constructions on reefs in the disputed Spratly Islands with goals of transforming them into artificial islands where they have built airbases and ports . As a result, this has destroyed the environment that was originally there. In addition to China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, and the Philippines have also done some minor reclamation on Spratly landforms . Unfortunately, the reclamation of islands is destroying the natural ecosystems that once thrived there.
History of the Region / Timeline of Events

Historically, the South China Sea was relatively quiet until 1956 . It was in that year where South East Asian countries started to become fascinated in the various island chains. However, no aggressive behaviors occurred as many of the countries focused their attention on other major issues such as the Vietnam War. Fast-forward to the early 1970’s and the Asian countries were back at it once again scrambling to claim the island chains because of the recent discovery of potential oil beneath the waters . This…

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