The Potential Integrative Elements Of The Negotiation

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Identify and explain the potential integrative elements of the negotiation and provide an analysis of how power and persuasion influenced the process and outcomes of the negotiation.
The nature of the negotiated outcomes of the seven projects of the school was studied in terms of their integrative elements. In cases where integrative elements were found, further analysis was conducted such as identifying projects that satisfy mutual goals, and identifying low cost/high benefit trade-offs. The results showed that in a school environment with three parties a negotiation can come to an agreement involving budgeting multiple projects. Furthermore, power and persuasion influenced the process and outcomes of the negotiation.
In the task we faced, to come to a mutual agreement in the order position of seven projects for the current year’s budget, it was clear that there was a power held with the Board of Trustees. Negotiators have power when they have the ability to bring about outcomes they desire. A second factor to affect budget outcomes is the party who begins the negotiation (Neale & Bazerman, 1991). To start the negotiation, the Board sat directly at the front of the room between both the Faculty and Headmaster and voiced what they believed should happen in the meeting. There was a slight power imbalance where the confidence asserted by the Board intimidated both other parties (Tillett & French, 2010). However, by accepting the power brought to us by the Board of Trustees,…
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