The Potential Investment Of Sony Corporation

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As I stated in my previous letter, I am writing you in regards to your potential investment in Sony Corporation. As a member of Marquise Consulting, I strive to give all potential investors a greater understanding of Stocks and how beneficial investing can be, if you invest in the right company. I make every effort to give you as much information about Sony Corporation and how it has remained an excellent company. However, I also want the information presented to you to be relevant so you are not overwhelmed. You to being able to make an educated decision on whether or not you would like to invest is important to me. Along with being confident in the decision, you choose to make. Sony is a pronounced investment opportunity. Sony Corporation has been around since 1946 and has progressively remained a top manufacturer since their start. I mentioned in a previous letter, looking back as far as five years into Sony’s stock value, it has been fairly steady. On May 6th, 2011, their stock price was $28.06 moving forward five years to April 11th, 2016, their stock price is at $28.10. In a five-year time span, Sony has securely remained constant. However in the recent months, Sony stocks are projected to steadily increase in value. According to the New York Stock Exchange or the NYSE, the United States Dollar or USD price of Sony Stocks has recently increased 0.27 (1.02%) and is expecting to steadily increase in the future. According to, an accredited investment
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