The Potential Of Bicycle As A Transport Mode Of Transport

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After so many years of struggle, transportation specialists are finally able to change the public opinion, about the need to limit car journeys, and move towards sustainable urban growth. Environmental awareness and the growing need for more sustainable mobility are encouraging the development of new forms of moving in urban areas. Furthermore, the increasing level of global obesity is also attracting people to use bicycle as a transport mode. All of these reasons led to a significant increase of bicycle use in Paris city, where using bicycle was considered a marginal activity few years back. The purpose of this research is to determine the potential of bicycle as an urban mode of transport in Satandar, a Spanish city. There is high rainfall throughout the year in this city and only 0.3 percent of the trips are made by bicycle. To identify the demand of the bicycle as a mode of transport, it is important to characterize potential users both in terms of their socioeconomic characteristics and what types of journeys they can do, by bicycle, instead of their current modes. Firstly, potential bicycle users were identified in a revealed preference (RP) household travel diary as those who stated that they might consider the bicycle for those journeys where they had used motorized modes. After that, these individuals were interviewed in a stated preference (SP) experiment which aimed at identifying the variables which can make them shift from other modes to bicycle, as a travel

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