The Potential Of Risk Within Healthcare

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The potential of risk within healthcare is a high factor concern when dealing with hundreds of patients, staff, and the organization as a whole. Defining what risk is and the level of importance it represents is the first objectives taken on when risk is presumed. Risk within a healthcare facility is when anybody inside the organization or the organization itself is somehow put in harm 's way due to ill practice or internal error residing in the hospital. Proper risk Management defined in healthcare means patient safety, mandatory federal regulations, potential medical error existing and future policy legislation impacting the field of healthcare. Potential risk for patients is the number one concern because patient safety is the whole…show more content…
“ ( Cohen & Allison,2012) For instance Howard County General Hospital in Maryland is highly established medical firm funded and generated by John Hopkins medicine prides their institution and its affiliates on having having satisfactory control of risk. However patient safety can only be controlled to a certain degree, IV lines mistakenly sometimes get mixed up causing extreme harm to to the patient. Robotic surgery an overall relatively new practice still has its kinks and issues and patients are put at risk with their life on the line, as well as nurses not properly hooking up a ventilator the patient could suffer permanent brain damage due to lack of oxygen. All of these examples are common errors that could happen within the most prestigious of hospitals, the potential of risk of patient or staff safety is present in any facility. “ There 's the danger of medical complications, like bleeding or infection. Then there are the human errors, like getting the wrong drug or dosage.“ ( Griffin,2012) Every healthcare environment with a proper ERM handles their own own issues effectively using risk management.
Riks in any medical facility are closely monitored and analyzed so any potential hazards or complications can be identified and then rectified by staff or the organization.
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