The Potential Of The Se Re Innovations

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3. Literature Review 3.1 Potential for the SE-RE innovations SE-RE is a fairly new concept but many researches proves the high potential of its development. First of all, embracing the social values is the aim of social enterprises, including the environmental sector such as using green energy, recycling or tracking the fuel poverty. Moreover, growing state support for developing RET and the “technical reserve” of RETs (like unmanaged woodlands, garden waste going to landfill, etc.) (Kellett, 2007), are giving SE a potential market to explore (Van der Horst, 2008). ‘The Northern Periphery Programme energy cluster has highlighted that social entrepreneurship has not been yet fully utilized in renewable energy solutions (SECRE, 2013).’…show more content…
As mentioned in Section ‎2.1, more constraints may appear including finance, staff, management, marketing, legal status, etc. Many case studies state, as most investors prefer established and commercially viable enterprises more than start-ups and smaller enterprises, it is difficult to access capital (Smith, at el., 2014). Moreover, many social enterprises cannot fund themselves entirely through sales or investment to get a share in traditional financial markets, which resulting in a financial-social return gap (Bugg-Levine, at el., 2012). The hybrid nature also brings challenges to its management level. Except establishing and legitimating organization, managers also have to find suitable way to committed volunteers and employers and enlarged governance structures (Borzaga, at el., 2001). The sorry state of the non-profit directors (Appendix ‎G) is shown in the recent survey, which is among 924 nonprofit directors carried out by Stanford researchers (HBR, 2015). Human resources is also one of the challenges social enterprises need to face. Lack of expertise in business planning, legal and marketing skills is one reason. Also, hard to provide competitive salaries and even relying on staff commitment to the social mission to make up it, may lead to staff shortage (Smith, at el., 2014). Social
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