The Potential Problems Of The Manager Mike

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Potential Problems This project is a very complex type and while it has many potential benefits it also has many potential problems. Coming into the project, the manager Mike was allotted with a limited amount of time to reach the project completion state for the product, making his decisions and input for project planning crucial. Throughout the case study you see many potential problems Mike could encounter throughout this project through his interactions with various stakeholders. The potential problems include: the stakeholders rush for an uncertain product to be put into the development phase, the final formula for the product yet to be developed, open questions about remaining additives/colors for formula, project completion dictated solely by project manager with no input from other stakeholders, product rationale is missing, potential change of staff which could affect estimates, designers lack of deliverables to progress in terms of specifications and regulatory documents, the lack of focus on testing/quality assurance. The final and most glaring issue is the lack of knowledge of which portions of the project can be ran in parallel and which must be ran in sequence. The first problem observed in the case study was the stakeholder’s mentality towards the product. Early in the reading, it is stated that Mike was concerned about the scope of the project based upon having prior experience with this type of work and the knowledge that the lack of a final formula could
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