The Potential Relationship Between Personality And Job Performance And Finish By A Discussion On Personality Testing

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Throughout decades, individuals have been trying to understand the human behaviour. One of the core reasons fuelling this on-going search is to have a better knowledge on the way organisations work and the people affecting it. The way employees behave and factors that affect job performance or job commitment all come down to one single area of study, which is organisational behaviour. Due to the large spectrum of values and beliefs, human behaviour tends to be rather vast and unpredictable. However, it is possible for organisations to take advantage of this by effectively analysing the extent to which those different behaviours affect overall job performance. (Lombardo, n.d) This may potentially help to better understand the needs of the entity and hence, better cater for them. This essay will therefore describe the different types of human behaviours in terms of personality, then analyse the possible relationship between personality and job performance and finish by a discussion on personality testing in recruitments.
Personality in Theory
Personality refers to an individual’s characteristics, patterns of thought, emotion, and behaviour, together with the psychological mechanisms – hidden or not – behind those patterns (Funder, 2004, p. 5). The existence of thousands of different personality traits has triggered the need to organise them in a more organised and distinguishable manner. Hence, the Five Factor Model (FFM) was developed and is currently the most popular…
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