The Potential Threats And Risks That Have Home And Corporate Wifi Networks Can Provide The Desirable Level Of Security

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IV. Overview of the many possible threats/risks that both home and corporate WIFI networks will need to overcome to provide the desirable level of security. A. Data Interception – anything that spreads outside your house or business can possibly be captured by non-authorized recipients. This can be done within a couple hundred feet or even much farther with a directional antennas used. (Phifer, 2010) B. Denial of Service - WIFI is by its nature completely vulnerable to DoS. One of the issues is that all users share the same frequencies, making competition unavoidable in high population areas. But beyond the non-intentional issues, fake messages can be sent to disconnect users or task the AP resources and monopolize channels (Phifer,…show more content…
(Phifer, 2010) H. Endpoint attacks - attackers now are relooking to directly compromise WIFI endpoints by taking advantage of defective WIFI drivers to execute buffer overflows. (Phifer, 2010) I. Evil Twin Access Points - fake APs that advertise the same network name (SSID) as a genuine hotspot or business WIFI. (Phifer, 2010) J. Wireless phishing - clever hackers can even use the Evil Twin or open hotspot to poison the WIFI client Web browser cache. (Phifer, 2010) V. Options for enterprise level WIFI encryption, virtual private networks (VPNs) and various other methods and tools for securing. A. Establish WIFI Security. 1. WPA2-Enterprise. While WPA2 Personal is designed for personal and home usage and it isn’t the most secure choice. Admittedly, it is much simpler to install and use than WPA2 Enterprise. However, WPA2 Enterprise provides a much better authentication stage (WPA2 Enterprise vs. Personal, 2014). WPA2 Enterprise can not only be setup to allow for standard password authentication, but also can be configured for password and/ or digital certificates. With WPA2 Enterprise, if a WIFI device is lost or compromised, the credentials can be revoked or changed. With WPA2 Personal, you would have to change the password manually on all devices in the same situation. Also, because WPA2 Enterprise uses dynamic and unique keys, it
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