Essay on The Potential of Medical Marijuana in the US

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The Potential of Medical Marijuana in the US People are afraid of the unknown, that is a fact. That is why people are so afraid of what Marijuana can do and what it is in general. Although the results of marijuana as a medicine have been seen, and they are remarkable results, people still fear of what this plant can and can’t do. Throughout this paper, there will be a highly debatable advocacy for the use of Cannabis in the medical field. Both sides of the coin will be shown, but the pro’s will outweigh the Con’s by a significant amount. Marijuana is significantly less harmful than many other prescription drugs and has the same result, if not better. It is also natural and has been proven that it is impossible to overdose on it. Medical…show more content…
They discovered that marijuana could help people with not just one illness but a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. Marijuana has been tested on people with cataracts, cancer, sever depression, post traumatic syndrome, etc… the list goes on and on. With this new enlightenment states started to ponder on the fact that marijuana could help many of its victims and thus the first state to make medical marijuana legal was California. As time went one other states followed in California’s footsteps. Now almost half of all US states allow the use of medical marijuana and a few even allow the recreational use of it. Now the US government’s view on marijuana is mostly like this. They will allow it to an extent because in reality they have no choice. Even when medical marijuana was legal, the US government used tactics to scare off people such as making the movie “Reefer Madness 1939” which is about how the use of marijuana supposedly leads to other felonies from manslaughter to rape. Although the government and the public know this isn’t the case anymore, they do not fully agree with it yet, they are very pessimistic what it is and what it can do. All they want is concrete evidence of what marijuana does and if it has any harms to the human body. Cannabis should be legalized for medical use across all the USA. Marijuana has this negative stain and stigma about it that has lingered on the minds of the American people and its Government. It is time

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