The Potential of Young Mango Peelings as Organic Fertilizer to Tomato Plants.

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This study focuses on the determining the potential of using fermented young mango peelings as organic fertilizer. This part discusses the introduction about this study.

Background of the Study

Nowadays, different commercial fertilizers are being sold in different stores throughout the country but some of these fertilizers cause a lot of side effects to the plant wherein it is being applied. When the fruits of that certain plant will be eaten by people, some bad effects might occur. That is the reason of making this study to produce an organic fertilizer which will be cheaper and not cause any harm to anything.

As people have observed, commercial fertilizers are being made with some
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10. Plant- a photosynthetic organism that has cellulose wall, cannot move of its own accord, grows in soil or water and usually has green leaves.
11. Growth-the process of becoming larger and more mature through natural development.
12. Nitrogen-a nonmetallic element that occurs as a colorless, odorless almost inert gas and makes up 4/5 of the Earth’s atmosphere by volume. It is use as manufacture of ammonia, explosives and fertilizers.
13. Farm- an area of land where crops are grown or animals are reared for commercial purposes.
14. Organic- grown or reared without using synthetic chemicals.
15. Young mango- a green fruit which is somewhat kidney-shaped or oval.



This part discusses on the related studies and reading of the study. It compares the study to the related studies that the researcher had gathered.

A. Review of Related Reading

In our world today, commercial fertilizers are dominating and some of these causes harm to many crops in the farm. This is because of the harmful chemicals that are in it. Also, many organic fertilizers are being made from different resources. The world’s problem today is the toxic or hazardous chemicals in some commercial fertilizers that causes harmful effects to the crops and might also cause harm to the people who will consume the plant with the certain fertilizer.

Researchers have found out that the
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