The Poverty And Disaster Risks

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Knowing that poverty and disaster risks go hand in hand, it was wise on World Vision to implement objectives that would focus of both DRR and poverty reduction collectively. These objectives could not have been done by just supplying aid and needed resources to the damaged cities. There is a fine line between supplying aid and help. Being in such a traumatic event, it completely broke apart communities into weaker and, even more, vulnerable pieces. In retrospect, simply supplying aid through resources to these broken pieces would have done more harm, as it would deepen the most vulnerable and poorest communities’ dependency on foreign aid. Any sense of upward movement of development and prosperity— gone. World Vision centered its projects on community involvement in order to provide proper help— help to create network systems of support, help to educate people on problem risk awareness, help to make use of available resource found in the populations, help to develop and put back those vulnerable pieces back into well-developed societies, help that would allow Honduras to prosper from. With as much focus on the humanitarian support, World Vision offers, their core values are still deep-rooted into the Christian faith, which could not be ignored. Some would view this as a problem, especially as helping out in Honduras, a nation where over half of the population is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church (Holland 1354). At a certain point, this created a problem and
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