The Poverty Of The United States

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Image you are a divorced mom of three living in the United States today. How would you provide for your family financially while also taking care of them? How would you feel knowing your kids are less likely to graduate and get a high paying job because of their economic status?
Millions of people in the United States live in poverty today. Living in poverty indicates an individual has insufficient resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only are they poor and malnourished, but they are also discriminated against in the work place because of their economic status. Poverty affects racial minorities more than it affects white people. For example, employers are more likely to hire a white person than a black person with the same
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Three main factors contribute to the feminization of poverty in the United States. Firstly, women are paid less than men at jobs that provide fewer benefits. Women make only 77% of a man’s salary, (Eitzen et al, 2007). This unequal treatment is due to the discrimination against women in the job market. Secondly, women are more likely to work part-time or not work at all in order to take care of their children. The cost of pregnancy and caring for a family is often the responsibility of the mother; these high costs can drive a woman and her family into poverty. Thirdly, victims of domestic violence are more likely to be female. These traumatic experiences can lead to developing a mental illness, which can then lead to losing a job and even becoming homeless. Women need and deserve access to high paying “male-dominated” jobs. “Poverty and low earnings are more common among certain types of workers. Single women head nearly one-half of all working poor families with children” (Iceland 255).
Many high school students in the U.S. are affected by poverty. In fact, 22% of kids under the age of 18 are living in poverty. This trend is unfair for students because a child living in poverty is more likely to drop out of school. People in poverty are less likely to earn a college degree which makes it more difficult to find a high-paying job that they qualify for.
One main inequality of jobs that people in poverty hold is the low wages. The
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