The Powder World Of Cocaine Addiction

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This outburst of intellectual, full of informational facts, five page , double spaced paper will blow your mind. Filling you with knowledge and letting go of the curious questions you have in regards to the powder world of cocaine addiction. Solving the crack it has put on society and the world (pun intended). If you don’t know what cocaine is , it is a highly addictive stimulant that is pleasurable but dangerous short term effects on the body, that eventually will cause a long term ramification. The problems referring towards cocaine abuse has an international effect, therefore cocaine is a problem that society can’t ignore. Today in our world cocaine or crack so to speak, are found in just about every city and is used by people , of…show more content…
An in unexpected twist of things, it is being glamorized by the media .
As obvious as it is the use of cocaine affects the entire body. It is important to know that the effects do actually depend on how the cocaine is manipulated. Snorting the drug is not an intense effect as smoking it in the form of crack but however the effects of snorting it is longer. Snorting it was make the effects last from about 15-30 minutes differing from 5 to 10 minutes from smoking. Also it is key to note that increasing the use means it increases health risks and increases the risk of addiction, of course... Another major physical risk is when pregnant mothers give birth and breastfeeding infants will cause them unwanted health risks. More of the physical effects are addiction, developmental problems, structural abnormalities, and brain damage .
Continuing the use of cocaine will result in mental risks as well , such as increased irritability, paranoia, and restlessness. Furthermore full blown psychosis and auditory hallucinations . “New cocaine users often try cocaine to increase productivity at work and in other areas of their lives so that they can work longer and harder. While these results may seem promising in the beginning, increased tolerance and dangerous life choices often follow repeated cocaine use” (Cocaine Effects, 2001). It is important to note again that cocaine is highly addictive, which means the brain can
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