The Power And Influence On Our Lives

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This theory helps explains how much of an influence the large corporations in our lives such as Disney and Apple have on our day to day lives. These corporations run a majority of other businesses in our lives that also have an influence in what we think and do. The importance of this is theory is to show the power and influence that these corporations have on our daily lives and how we think and feel. If the corporate industry were to fallout our lives would be greatly impacted in more than one way.
Karl Marx, a sociologist, helped form Stanley Deetz outlook on the critical theory of communication through the ideas of capitalism and his own definition of the word consent. Marxism bases its foundations off of the ideologies of the division of labor, fair labor treatment, and so forth. Consent in the workplace and was Deetz idea of “employees actively, though unknowingly, accomplish managerial interests in faulty attempt to fulfill their own.” Many workers are taught to put their work before their personal, mental and family health, as they turn into over working individuals who are unable to focus on themselves. Marxism helped create the idea of division of labor and equal treatment of workers. Marxism “Focuses theoretical attention on processes through which state institutions exercise power over economic ones, and away from the processes through which organizations and organizational actors appropriate state power and shape political institutions for their own ends- what
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