The Power And The Glory

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Katelynn Ocariza
AP Literature & Composition
20 April 2017
The Power and the Glory Throughout the 1900s there was high tension between the church and Mexico because the government did not highly favor religion. More specifically, Catholicism. Graham Greene’s “The Power and the Glory” is a novel based in the mid-1940s and captures the life of a priest on the run. A mysterious whiskey priest turns Mexico upside down as priests and the Roman Catholic during this time were despised. Graham Greene’s powerful novel is not only a story. Its basis in a historic time for Mexico and their religion makes applying the critical theory of new historicism beneficial in understanding the story as a whole. Graham Greene was born Henry Graham
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Catholicism in Mexico is currently one of the most widespread and accepted religions in the country. Although, it was not always like this. Mexico was under the jurisdiction of those who held secular views and wanted to rule the country with the idea that religion should be suppressed and segregated from the country from 1929 to 2000. This was due to the Enlightenment period in which free thinkers thought thinking for themselves without reliance on any sort of higher figure. “The Power and the Glory” takes place during that particular time period and it reflects the situation happening in Mexico very well. Government figures in the novel held the same beliefs as those that ruled Mexico during the span of those 71 years. Due to the story taking place in the 1940s, this belief has spread among not only government figures, but the citizens of Mexico. In the novel, many have claimed that they are not religious or that religion is useless. There are the few that secretly still believe in God, and they found solace whenever the whiskey priest stumbled into their town. The jefe, a character from the novel, and his police force believe that religion corrupts, so they have undertaken the duty of executing priests. The execution of priests was a part of the Cristero War. The Cristero War was a war fought between the Anti-Catholic
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