The Power Generation Of Yesterday

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In today’s world each company is more complex than ever. With all the new EPA standards each companies approach to the way they do business is ever changing. The push for greener products is not just an idea anymore. It’s Reality! The company I work for Duke Energy is a key player in helping change the power generation industry and doing this will help me make a difference in the world while working for Duke Energy. Power generation of yesterday was a process of making power and not worrying about the environment, but today its more about making power while doing good for the environment. Looking at the history of Duke Energy I found that the company has come a long ways from its humble beginnings. The company founded in 1904 by Dr. W. Gill Wylie and James “Buck” Duke started with on hydroelectric dam along the Catawba river. ( From one hydroelectric dam to the largest utility in the United States, Duke Energy has continued to build their company and reputation in the power industry. The company is always focusing on its CSR to make sure it is viewed as an environmental friendly company. Looking at the present I have found that my company uses a Utilitarianism view for its ethics. Even though we practice this type of view I have found that the company has had some recent issues like the coal ash spill in lee county, NC, but The company has agreed to clean it up and set aside one hundred million dollars for the

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