The Power Girls Have on Guys

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It is interesting to see the effect that girls can have on guys. In the short story, “A & P” by John Updike, a teenage boy’s daily routine at work is completely rattled due to a group of three teenage girls that walk into the store he works at which he works and as a result, the teenage boy makes a life changing decision. The young men (Sammy) morals are put to the test along with his life expectations due to this group of teenage girls that help Sammy see his life through a different perspective. Through the teenage boy’s encounter with the 3 teenage girls, Updike illustrates young men coming to age and becoming a man. From virtually the second that Sammy saw these three girls in the store his day would be a day that he would never…show more content…
As the girls were just about done checking out, Sammy’s manager walked into the store and came over to his register. The Manager went on to tell the girls how “this isn’t the beach” and how “We want you decently dressed when you come in here” (Lawn 342) . Sammy noticed that Queenie began to blush and was starting to get embarrassed by the whole ordeal. This seemed to upset Sammy a great deal. I feel that Sammy stood up for Queenie and the other girls more than he would have when he figured that they were most likely part of the upper-class due to what they were purchasing for Queenie’s mother. As soon as Queenie said that, Sammy instantly pictured himself at Queenie’s house during a party with her mother and father enjoying the jar of herring snacks that Queenie was purchasing. Sammy then went on to compare this to what it was like when his mother had some people over and how they drank from glasses with cartoons stenciled on. As the girls quickly walked out of the store Sammy told his manager that he quits because Sammy felt that his manager handled the situation wrong by embarrassing Queenie. This was a major decision for Sammy to make so spur of the moment. With the help and incentive from Queenie and the other girls, Sammy was able to stand up for what he felt was the right thing at that time. After quitting Sammy walks outside in hopes that the girls will still be out there. When Sammy

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