The Power Habit By Angie Bachmann

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In the book “The Power Habit,” the author is talking about a woman named Angie Bachmann who was a housewife and who used to clean her home when her husband and kids would be gone during the day until one day she decided that she will change her life totally. Bachmann once sitting at home started to think that she should find something to enjoy her day just like her husband and kids. She wanted to have a story to tell her family at night. Bachmann instead of thinking about doing something good and productive, she chose a wrong path that ruined her life totally. Bachmann chose casino over all the other work because she thought that casino might make her feel good. Angie Bachmann is responsible for her gambling debts because she chose to make her own decision and not stop gambling, even though she knew she is putting herself in trouble. Bachmann is guilty because even though she put some rules for gambling of doing it once a week but she still broke the rules by going there three times a week. As Duhigg mentioned in the article “She started going a couple times a week when she wasn’t visiting her parents, and then every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday” (1). So basically, she felt that going to casino daily is better than her staying home or trying to find something else. Instead of visiting her parents daily or once or twice a week, she chose to go to the casino and earn or lose some money. Bachmann is guilty because she knew that gambling can put her in trouble but she still
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