The Power Of A Woman

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The Power of a Woman
By Mary L. Rivera | Submitted On September 10, 2012

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Expert Author Mary L. Rivera
Imagine what a woman is capable of doing when she yields herself completely to God. Imagine how mightily God can use a woman regardless of what men, culture, or religion says. With God nothing is impossible when a person is ready, willing, and able.

In the book of Judges, Chapter 4, we meet a woman named Deborah. In Hebrew, her name means, "Bee." The Bible says she was a prophetess, wife, judge, military commander, singer and songwriter. I know many men may not want to hear this but Deborah counseled MEN. Although it was not the norm, Deborah served as judge over the Israelites for 40 years! In Hebrew, the word "judge" means one who judges, governs, passes down judgment, pronounces sentence, and decides matters.

The commander of the Israelite army, Barak, didn 't dare go to war unless Deborah went with him. I can just hear Deborah saying to him, "Oh alright, I 'll go but I 'm gettin ' all the credit!" Deborah went with Barak and the soldiers into battle and they won. Needless to say, God used Deborah to "sting" her enemies, thus the glory went
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