The Power Of A Word Is Humongous

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The power of a word is humongous. Writing is a weapon in the hands of human beings, and we all need to know how to use this weapon to make the world a better place. Persuasive writing is a form of writing the main purpose of which is to persuade readers that the writer’s opinion is correct. But how can you convince anybody through writing? What are the components of the persuasive writing? How is persuasive writing different from verbal persuasion? These are the questions that individuals need to understand in order to succeed in persuasive writing. An ability of human beings to convince others in their rightness of their point of view is a skill, and it takes some time to master and sharpen this skill. First of all, the writer should know how to attract the audience’s attention. As a writer, you need to have something to offer to others; your ideas should be powerful enough to make readers think about them and re-evaluate their own values with regard to an issue of writing. To make these ideas sound sufficiently strong, the writer needs to do a research in order to provide supportive arguments and examples (examples from lives of popular or historical figures always work!) to prove his or her viewpoint. Also, arguments and examples proving the wrongness of the opposing point of view are also quite significant! Thirdly, rich vocabulary and good organization of sentences and paragraphs play a big role; the writer should be familiar with hisher audience

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