The Power Of Coca-Cola

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c) Critically evaluate the relationship between culture, politics, power and motivation that enables teams and organisations to succeed providing justified recommendations. (13 marks) Culture Coca-Cola Company has learned every culture is different. Coca-Cola Company has started to sell the product to Indian when 1950 until 1977. In 1977, the company closes up operations when the government starts seizing corporate assets. When 1993, Coca-Cola Company returned to India market. The company found that all the well-honed marketing strategies were not getting effectively done in India. The Coca-Cola Company was tried to find and keep the talented employees.…show more content…
Especially in 1984, there is thousands of death and 500,000 people were injury within hours. These were caused by 27 tons of poison gas. This will be very challenge problem need to face by foreign companies over the environmental problem and the like have polities problem. Besides the environmental and health problem, they also concern about the problem effect on their local culture. The factor that has emerged from the toxin debate is the need for government to address lacking standards governing the quality of water that is used for soft drinks. Coca-Cola Company claims that the company is operating to local standards, but Center for Science and Environment (CSE) illustrated these may not meet those set by the EU. This must pay attention to the issue and the government. Coca-Cola Company's decision to create an advisory board was an interesting move. Furthermore, Coca-Cola Company using this opportunity to create the Indian brand. This to reduce foreign and more attractive local corners. This is the first that move by a multinational operating in India to show the greater awareness of social…show more content…
In 1971, people gathered from around the world and they sing together "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke". This was also a partial view of the Company's future. In 1988, Coca-Cola Company was confirmed by Landor & Associates as the best-known trademark in the world. The original taste of the Coca-Cola product let the customer have deep feeling and loyalties had more than just a normal soft drink. In 1982, Coca-Cola Company brings consumers with the refreshing product of every lifestyle. Coca-Cola Company was introducing Diet Coke. This is the first extension of the trademarks of Coca-Cola Company. New soft drinks are the most successful become the top low-calorie soft drink. From Small Beginnings Coca-Cola Company was begun in 1920. Coca-Cola Company was operating more than 200 countries. The product was nearly 450 brands produced by the company. Coca-Cola Company can be successful by using the simple formula. There were provided a moment of refreshment for a very small amount of money. This can be a billion times a day. Coca-Cola company more than the other product has brought pleasure to thirsty consumers around the
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