The Power Of Communication Skills For Building Trust, Inspire Loyalty, And Lead Effectively By Helio Fred Garcia

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“The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively”, by Helio Fred Garcia is an exceptional book on effective communication skills. The book was written to build leaders and a guide on strategy doctrine in the Marine Corps, and showed how the same lessons and principles apply to effective communication and how you can achieve great results through effective communication. The book is divided into three parts. The first part, Leadership and Communication: Connecting with Audiences contains the first five chapters. These five chapters focus on the ideas of: words matter, taking audiences seriously, words aren’t enough, speed, focus and the first mover advantage; and initiative, maneuver and disproportionality. The second part, Strategy and Communication: Planning and Execution only has one chapter, and this chapter focuses on the goals, tactics, and strategies. It can also be considered as the preparing and planning of your communications. Part three, Building Skills: Getting Good at Communicating Well, provides four chapters that deal with the areas of performance, the involvement of audience engagement; content, word choice, framing and meaning; audiences attention, retention, and how hearts and minds work; and putting it all together, becoming a habitually strategic communicator. The first section, Leadership and Communication, and first chapter, Words Matter, is based off the idea that effective communication is fundamentally
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