The Power Of Education : The Benefits Of Year Round School

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Nelson Mandela once said “ Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” Children should be in school as much as possible because the power of education is important and life changing. Year round school helps students keep material constantly fresh in their minds, it makes vacations more frequent, and keeps kids busy so they stay out of trouble. Year round schools are beneficial because no matter the time of year or the season, students shouldn’t have a particular time when they have to stop learning. Having year round school allows students to maintain knowledge that they’ve learned throughout the course of the year. On average, during the summer, kids lose about 2.6 months worth of mathematical skills, reading and spelling abilities decrease as well (Writers). This idea will help improve quiz and test scores because kids won’t have a huge gap of forgotten lessons of learned material. Also, teachers won’t have to review old information, they can proceed in further academic exercises. Therefore, students will accomplish more and prepare better for college. Being that kids won’t get the whole summer off isn’t all that bad because they won’t necessarily have to wait for summer to go on vacations with family or friends. Students will receive the same amount of time off, and may even feel less stress than the normal school schedule because the time is set up evenly throughout the year. With this idea, parents can make vacation plans and not

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