The Power Of Education : The Most Powerful Weapon

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Education The Most Powerful Weapon
Could you imagine what our world would be like without education? As
Nelson Mandela once magnificently put it, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Education to me is like a telescope to an astronomer. It's a principle tool I utilize to aid me in comprehending the world. The conception of human education emerged near the genesis of the Neolithic era, when hunter gatherers in constructed societies indoctrinated children on how to obtain food through the hunting of domesticated species. As communication and tools utilized to measure the physical world evolved among humans through time, our desire for education thrived. Around the 15th century, children within the Greek empire were being taught geometry, philosophy, and music. Through numerous centuries of education among our youth, our present international society has now been able to assemble the most advanced technology earth has ever perceived, enabling the human race to inflate it's boundaries and observe beyond our planet and uncover life's most significant mysteries. When I was young, elementary school, as deranged as it appears, was a getaway for me as I was exceedingly curious about how the natural world worked. Even though I despised being awakened by the jarring tone of my compact alarm clock at eight thirty every morning, my aspiration to learn inspired me to get out of bed. What I relished most about school was implementing my
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