The Power Of Habit By Charles Duhigg

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According to F.M. Alexander, "people not decided their future, they decide their habits, and these habits decide their future". A habit is a learned behavior repeated regularly, requiring small or no reasoning. Habits are created, are not obtained by inheritance, habits can transform themselves in needs. In addition, habits are not unique to people, organizations, to be made up of people, have habits also. There are right, and wrong habits; right habits normally are called as virtues, and wrong habits are called as vices. Undoubtedly, virtues must be constantly reinforced; on the other hand, vices must be rebuilt step by step, and convert them into virtues. In “The Power of Habit”, Charles Duhigg manages to reveal with great clarity how the different phases of the cycle of habits are conformed; how wrong habits can be reconstructed, and transformed to allow the growth of both, individuals and organizations. Through the use of various cases, Duhigg manages to explain how to transform wrong habits by focusing on the phase of the habit that need to be rebuilt. The author explains how people can fail to be slaves to the "customs", and as to regain control, either of their lives or their Organizations. I could not mention one part of the book as the most interesting, or that more learning lets me simply, as the author was concerned that the entire book was consistent. The three parts of the book are pleasant read, the book is full of stories and scientific findings that
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