The Power Of Habit By Charles Duhigg

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Addiction is not real, it’s all a lie; people should not be addicted to find the answers of why people get so addicted. Angie Bachmann a regular mother and wife, had a gambling problem which ruined her life. It started as a simple day for Angie, just staying at home while her husband was at work and her kids at school, so she went to the casino in order to keep herself productive, besides “outguessing a contestant on The Price is Right”. She first started with regulations to prevent her from waging too much, but she was becoming overly confident, which caused her to ignored her rules. Angie had a big problem when it came to gambling; she couldn’t stop even though she wanted to sometimes, but it made her happy. She can’t blame anyone else for her actions besides herself; it is Angie’s fault for her addiction. Their are more better things to do besides sitting at a table and throwing away all your money. In the article The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, it read that, “ it was 10:30am, her 3 daughters were gone, and Bachman had resorted again-taping a piece of paper over the kitchen clock to stop looking...When the clock hit twelve o’clock, she put on some makeup and nice dress and drove to a riverboat casino..” It shows that Angie resorted to go to the casino because of boredom, since didn’t have much to do in her lifestyle, but she could have done something else that was productive like go running or find a job; unfortunately, she explained that she “just wanted to feel
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