The Power Of Innovation By Don Tapscott

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The Power of Innovation The world has changed over the last ten years, technology has created a new world, where we have become more dependent on it. In his article, “The Eight Net Gen Norms”, Don Tapscott, discusses what he believes the “net generation” is and how they are defined by eight norms: Freedom, customization, scrutiny, integrity, collaboration, entertainment, speed, and innovation. (132) Tapscott makes some very unique observations, but there was one norm, I felt was more important, innovation. There are many reasons why, but the one main reason is the creation of new ideas. Without the innovated ideas, we wouldn’t have the advanced technology we possess today. Think about the world without cell phones, no web, or no medical tools? We know for a fact this era couldn’t survive without them. The workplace is starting to turn from the traditional way by allowing the employees to be heard, but there is still a gap between generations. The power of innovation helps people with everyday life, changing the way jobs are running, but also has created a rift between the old and new generations. Let’s face it, life is so much better with the technology we possess now. In a matter of seconds, I can get information about the Roman Empire, just with one click of my phone, or start my car without my key or me being in it. I reckon this is where the old generation can complain that we are lethargic and can’t do nothing for ourselves. The world has outgrown the old ways and the
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