The Power Of Language In Cyrano De Bergerac

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You can’t hide everything Complete mastery of a language is challenging for most people, but if one does master it, it can be useful in life. However, it is not in the case for Cyrano, the protagonist in the famous comedy, Cyrano de Bergerac, by Edmond Rostand. Cyrano is a French soldier who can create figurative language with a blink of an eye and De Guiche, Cyrano’s colonel, is also a witty person, but is not respected. In this play, Rostand argues that a person with the power of wit cannot conceal their own insecurities. Occasionally, Cyrano unintentionally uses his wit to expose his own insecurities when he feels offended. At the beginning of the play, Cyrano confronted the Meddler when he was staring at his nose, the Meddler said Cyrano’s nose was “small, very small, infinitesimal”. Then, Cyrano uses hit wit to reply, “For a great nose indicates a great man,/ Genial, courteous, intellectual,/ Virile, courageous --- as I am --- and such/ As you ---poor wretch ---will never dare to be / Even in imagination. For that face --- / That blank, inglourious concavity / Which my right-hand finds” (Rostand I, 34). First, the meddler is an irrelevant person who stares at Cyrano’s nose because it is an abnormally large one. Due to Cyrano’s sensitive personality, he believes that the meddler is condescending him. Therefore, Cyrano pressures the Meddler and forces him to say his opinion on Cyrano’s nose. The meddler, knowing that Cyrano is ashamed of his large nose, says he has a small nose. Cyrano strangely took that as an insult and started saying fine values of himself. Here, the language of Cyrano depicts insecurity because insecure people are the ones who constantly search to boost self-esteem. Telling this to Roxane or other important people is understandable, but to make these remarks to the Meddler proves that his insecurities are at another level. Then, Cyrano describes the Meddler’s face as a “blank, inglorious concavity”, which means a plain, pointless face with a huge chin(I, 34). Here, Cyrano desperately tries to hide his insecurity by using his wit to degrade the Meddler. This makes the Meddler feel insecure because Cyrano called him ugly. According to Psychology Today, “The insecure person makes you feel

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