The Power Of Love Encodes Our World

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Michael Jay Lemon
Dr. Stephen A. Ogden
LIBS 7015: World Mythologies
18 August 2014

The Power of Love Encodes Our World

Imagine yourself in a world in which the profound emotional need of affectionate love was non-existent. If that world somehow came to existence, what would then be the purpose and meaning of our lives? Now ask yourself, could you live a life with no purpose? Although the purpose of life is entirely subjective to each individual, a reoccurring theme of love has been expressed through stories over thousands of years suggesting that the need for love is deeply rooted within our very own being. Metamorphoses, a Latin narrative poem written by Roman poet Ovid, draws attention to change and social cohesion mainly by transfiguring characters within the poems. By examining Ovid’s Metamorphoses, specifically Book IX, glimpses of social cohesion through the reoccurrence theme of love have been brought to light. Ovid bases these poems on deep emotions of affection contrary to rational thinking while suggesting an encoded purpose of life: the need and search for deep affectionate love. While examining the poems within Book IX one can understand that a flashing insight into love encodes our world through the fundamental relationship between the sexes and therefore unifies our society by creating a sense of identity and purpose. Examining these two encodings will exemplify the understanding and discovery of what suggests as being the purpose of life. Although the poems
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