The Power Of Magnetism And Electricity Since Ancient Times

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Mankind has been aware of the presence of magnetism and electricity since ancient times. Prehistoric man observed instances of lightning and static electricity, as well even creating a primitive version of the compass. Magnetism wasn’t officially discovered until the late 16th Century, and it would be even longer until scientists learn to wield electricity for demonstrations in the 18th Century. Now, three-hundred years later, we are combining these two forces to enhance transportation across the globe. From underground subway systems, all electric cars and even hover cars, electromagnetism has revolutionized the way we get around.
Once the concepts of electricity and magnetism were grasped, it did not take long for automobile manufacturers to begin to use electricity and magnetism to improve their products. Before the starter motor was implemented, engines had to be manually primed by the use of a hand-crank. Not only was this a bothersome inconvenience to automobile owners, but it was dangerous as well. Any number of injuries could be sustained from a back-firing engine. As engines became larger and more powerful, it also became more physically demanding to start them, making it almost impossible for those with any sort of handicap to operate without assistance.
In 1896, in East Peckham, England, H.J. Dowsing installed the first electric starter on an Arnold, and the idea soon spread to the United States. Cadillac released self-starting models in

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