The Power Of Nick The Chocolate Ogre

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Today, I witnessed something terrible. My companion Mary Hightower was ripped by Zach the Ripper into another dimension. The real world. It was a terrible thing. She was pulled into the real world by Allie the terrible skinjacking person. She skinjacked a few people, and then dragged her in. Allie’s powers were amplified due to the Graceland Vortex. The good thing that came out of it, is that Nick the Chocolate Ogre was destroyed. His “powers” were so amplified that he was destroyed. He was reduced to a puddle of pudding. The evil Chocolate Ogre is no more. After the whole fight was over, we snuck onto The Ogre’s Ghost train, and stole it. The winds from the west were powerful, but not as powerful as the train. We got across the Mississippi
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