The Power Of Social Media

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Groundswell is a book that focuses on the power of social media and how businesses have to learn to harness this power to remain competitive. The book is full of practical ideas of how the groundswell works, why it is so important in today’s business world and how to use it to maximize your marketing potential. The book gives examples of how some well known companies use social networks, blogs and other online platforms to learn how customers feel about their products and also provides explicit tactics to guide companies in using the groundswell in their own businesses. I think this is a great book if you are just beginning to think about how to use digital media for your business or if you are trying to learn how to connect people with social technology. It is not a difficult read as it explains concepts and ideas in a simple and direct way. The groundswell gave me a good perspective and firm knowledge base on the untapped potential of social networks. Groundswell is a social trend where people play a more active part in communicating what they think about products and services that are being marketed to them. The people don’t just participate with their purchasing choices but also find ways to voice their ideas about what makes a product great, how to make them better and how to best use them.
The book is divided into three main parts. First the author explains what the groundswell is. Part two is about different strategies or tactics to connect with the groundswell.
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