The Power Of Solar Energy

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Power Use
Solar power or what is commonly referred to as solar energy is the energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy. This form of energy is the cleanest and most abundant since it is almost everywhere in the world. It is also renewable and hence through modern technological advancement it be harnessed into a wide range of uses such as electricity generation, lighting or indoor use, water heating, machine driving and other commercial as well as industrial applications. There are many more other benefits that come along with solar energy use apart from just the application, such as the environmental friendliness, cheapness in terms of production and use, and the value it adds on a business or a home.
The U.S, just like any other industrialized country in the world, has been facing major power shortages due to the increased electricity demands for both industrial and home use. As the number of industries and companies increases in the country, electricity demand also increases. This implies that energy sources have to also increase. Most of the electricity is produced through the use of steam turbines powered by fossil fuels such as coal or petroleum and water in boilers, about one-fifth of the energy is produced from nuclear power and the rest (only 13%) comes from renewable energy sources for example hydropower, wind power, biomass, solar power, and geothermal power (Fahrenbruch, et al., 54)
The country needs to invest more in renewable energy
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