The Power Of The Assembly Line

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In the era of consumerism, abundance of essential products is critical to supply the high demands. This would have been very difficult without Henry Ford and his excellence in operating the assembly line. Assembly line is one of the most reliable and durable production techniques ever invented. In the 20th century, assembly line was amongst one of the most remarkable technological advancements. Nearly all the products that we use nowadays, we would not have it in the amount we need and at the prices we have it without the assembly line. The assembly line has played a major role in modifying the world and it is the main force behind every industry on earth. The use of assembly line in industries such as automotive, arms, and food has played a key role in supplying the world with essential products while minimizing the total cost. The operation of assembly line in various industries has assisted the world in providing crucial products that we need to make our lives easier. The use of assembly line in automotive industry has improved the production of vehicles, while lowering the cost. Before the invention of assembly line, cars had to be crafted one at a time by skilled workers, which was very costly and time consuming. During this time, the demand for cars was very high. However, it was very expensive that only the rich could afford it. The production of cars increased dramatically with the installation of assembly line while the cost was reduced. The first assembly line
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