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The Power of The Judiciary      When the founding fathers of our country, and by that I mean the Federalists, were creating the system of government for America, they knew that a separation of power would be necessary to protect the American people from the evils of a monarchy or dictatorship. In doing this, they created the three branches of government; Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary. The plan was to have the Legislative make the laws, Executive enforce the laws, and the Judiciary interpret the laws, and it was Madison's system of "Checks and Balances" that would keep the three in check. No one branch would be able to exploit it's power without the scrutiny of one of the other…show more content…
     What Dahl is basically trying to say is that the evolution of the Supreme Court has made it very involved in decisions concerning important policy issues of the American political system. When it renders a decision on these policy issues, it is in fact changing or creating new policy itself. Now to say that the Supreme Court is only the highest legal institution of the United States would be doing a it a terrible injustice, not to mention selling it extremely short on the credit it deserves for the job that it is doing. The Supreme Court is without a doubt, a very capable and extremely involved branch of government, equal in power to the Legislative and Executive branch, and well adapted in the duties involved in the system of "Checks and Balances" that the Federalists established so many years ago.      The founders intentions for the Judiciary Branch was to interpret the laws that the Legislative made, and the document by which their standards would be set would of course be the Constitution of the United States. The Supreme Court would render decisions based on the laws drafted into the Constitutions, and it would be asked to interpret them to the best of their ability. Because of this expectation to "interpret", the Supreme Court has been allowed to develop the

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