The Power Of The Mantra

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mantra that one repeats. By practicing constantly, the inherent power of the mantra may be awakened, which may fill one’s own existence with the divinity of the mantra. What is Mantra? A Mantra is that which liberates or protects the mind.
“Mananaat trayate iti mantrah” Mananaat-bondage of the mind, trayate-freed or liberated, iti-through or thus mantraha- the force of vibration.
A mantra may help to drive out the thoughts and worries. A mantra has strength and energy. When these are present, the mind becomes the power of mantra. The power of the mind and the power of a mantra are the same. In other words, the mind becomes one with the mantra.
“Chittam Mantrah” - Mind should become the mantra. The power of every mantra can be felt in the form of vibrations. When an atom bomb explodes, its impact is felt not only for many kilometers, but the effects remain for many numbers of years (for example like in Hiroshima Nagasaki). Mantra is the cure for the mind. The mantra can be either a bheej mantra or doubles up as a prayer. The effect of the mantra depends on how it is pronounced and invoked, and the dedication with which it is chanted.
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Many sadhakas will tell you that they have received many sparks of understanding while meditating mostly during early mornings known as the auspicious brahma muhurta. Our scriptures also mention the effectiveness of doing meditation during this Brahma muhurta. This is the time when the phenomenal world is most silent. The sun wouldn’t have arisen to activate the world into its motions. Our physical body wouldn’t have streamed at that time to go into the daily chores of the day. The pervading calmness and silence sensitizes our physical faculties- free from distractions and vikshepas. It is easier to remain focused at that time. That situation is most conducive to grasp the intricacies of knowledge. Silence is the characteristic of this
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