The Power Of The President

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Within the Government there lies some decisions that have to be made. These decisions may not always be a group decision nor a public decision, they are called executive decisions or otherwise known as executive orders or privilege. This particular type of decision had made or break a government 's trustworthiness with its people. It can rip a hole in the in the relationship by keeping secrets or create a bond that the public can grow their trust on. Sadly, most of these executive decisions are a privilege presidents have used for very secretive things and it 's torn a big hole and it needs to be fixed. As a result of the executive order abuse, a growing mistrust by the public has led to the need to reform the powers of the president. What is executive order? Executive privilege is the right of presidents to withhold information about White House operations from those who have the power of inquiry or put simply, the President has the power to make important decisions on what to do with out informing many people. A President might use this as a way to gain access to important White House documents or testimonies from presidential aid on sensitive matters (Rozell 14). This power that Presidents have is not mentioned in the Constitution, but Presidents use it anyway to cover up a thing here and there. White House discussions can revolve around either Government conversations and or non governmental conversations, which means the public has no clue what is being blocked from…
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