The Power Of The Russian Kgb

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Rohm wanted a government that scared the people to do the right thing similar to kidors government because they didn’t want the people in the areas to revolt ageist them.
Germany used the same war strategy in both world wars because they didn’t want to fight a two front war because they knew that if they fought a two front war they would quickly louse because of the lack of solders and firepower.
The grand army with napoleon invading Russia started but ran into weather changes to extreme cold so they were not successful and defeated by the Russians this also happened with Germany when they tried to invade Russia.
The woman’s march on Paris was the same concept that was used in the strike of Petrograd because they didn’t like how the rulers were abusing wealth and power so they marched to the capitals and forcefully changed the situation.
The law of suspects allowed the government to accuse people based on suspicion and needed no real evidence to back up their thoughts. This is the same idea and freedom that the Russian KGB used to meet the amount of assassinations needed to “keep the city clean of spies” so the kgb where able to execute people on the spot for no reason.
The Spanish flu and the plague are both examples of how a new sickness is introduced in to a environment and can have dramatic effects on the people in the area and change things the way that people can try to fight wars.
The polish corridor that was given away during ww1 was a direct cause of ww2 because…
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