The Power Of The United States

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Ask this to anyone living in the United States: who is the most power person in the United States? Without a doubt, a majority of people will say the president is the most powerful person in the nation. In fact, a study was conducted on whom people believed the most powerful person in the world was. Surprisingly, "twenty-one percent (21%) of likely U.S. voters believe the U.S. president doesn’t have enough power" while "a slightly larger number (28%) think the president has too much power. A plurality (47%) rates his level of power as about right."1 Why do people think that? What gets them thinking that the president deals all the cards? Upon a closer look at the president and what he actually is capable of doing, many people would be surprised to learn that all this "power" that they just assume the president has actually comes with countless limits and restrictions. Though the president is the leader of the United States, he is not invincible when it comes to his roles in government and just what he is able to do for this nation.

From the time of Great Britain 's rule of the original thirteen colonies, the United States has been wary of power, and who deserves to have it. It may have been Great Britain 's rule over this nation that sparked up the beginning of the American people having a powerful suspicion and inability to trust their leaders. However, Howard Fineman, the author of The Thirteen American Arguments: Enduring Debates That Define and Inspire Our Country,

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