The Power Of The White House Essay

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Webster’s Dictionary defines “power” as the “ability to do anything; … capacity for producing an effect; … a wielder of authority, strong influence, or rule.” In my opinion, “power” is the ability to produce an effect from people, places or things. Thunderstorms are strong mixtures of air and water that can cause a powerful effect on weather. The White House is a place that stands as a symbol of what America as a country represents; which can produce a powerful effect, either positive or negative, upon the emotions of those who see it. And finally, there is an organization of people within a society who wield their impact through the decisions they make, the government, that defines the influence of the effect of power on those to whom it governs. The concept of power has come to be associated with the terms wealth, authority and government. Much of what is studied in the field of political science is defined by the parameters created to express the concept “power” and how well it is used to distribute wealth and authority. It is important that the ideas that symbolize the characterization of power can be defined within a set of parameters that are readily relatable because the basis of political science is the study of the theory and practice of politics, which can be broadly defined as the determining of the distribution of power and resources. John Emerich Edward Dalberg, Lord Acton, is often quoted for his famous opinion on this subject: “Power tends to corrupt and
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