The Power and Influence the Federal Reserve Has in Banking

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After careful thought and internal discussion, the research general topic of interest to me is the marketing aspects of the banking industry. Considering this are of research, I have further narrowed down this subject into three areas of interest in which to draw a more specific doctoral thesis to pursue.
Topic 1:Aspects of Marketing Central Banking The History of the Federal Reserve and the role this private corporation has played in the central banking system of the United States is becoming more questionable as new information surrounding its actions are revealed. Some may say that the legitimacy of the Fed is in question, much less its efficacy. For these reasons it is safe to assume that a marketing effort is needed to save the Fed from a populous rejection of its legitimacy. The research question posed in this sub topic is therefore presented: How does the Federal Reserve need to market itself to stay legitimate? Those who hold that the constitution should be interpreted very strictly believe the Federal Reserve System and paper money are unconstitutional. Sharing the interpretive philosophy of Thomas Jefferson, they argue that Congress has only those powers which the constitution specifically enumerates. If the power is not explicitly granted, then the federal government simply does not have it. Therefore, the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional because Congress does not have the specific power to create a central bank. In addition, the federal government's
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