The Power and the Glory- Character Analysis in Terms of Freedom

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The lieutenant:
The lieutenant is the priests main pursuer, charged and inspired to hunt him down no matter the means.
He feels it is his responsibility to rid the state of religion in the belief that the people will have greater freedom in a secular world.
On page 51, the lieutenant is resting on his bed deep in thought;
“A complete certainty in the existence of a dying, cooling world of human beings who had evolved from animals for no purpose at all. He knew”
The metaphor “dying, cooling world” has the effect of adding a overcast and dark tone to his thoughts.
This thought in particular exhibit nihilism which conveys the lieutenant’s strong conviction that life as ‘he’ knows it has no purpose and demonstrates his lack of empathy
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Padre Jose is a man trapped by his own guilt, and shame in the acts he has committed against the one thing he believed in. Choosing to denounce his celibacy over his life when others chose the later makes him feel isolated and forever trapped by his own remorse. Not only is his freedom restricted by his mind, but also physically by the presence of the police in monitoring his actions.

Coral is the daughter of Captain Fellows and acts in a way that is far more mature that her age would suggest. Her freedom as a result is largely repressed by this.
When the priest is explaining his predicament to Coral, she naively advises
“Of course you could- renounce...Renounce your faith”. Coming out of the mouth of a 13 year old, this opinion shows obvious maturity beyond her years, but not enough to understand the strength of faith in some human beings which comes with literal age and experience. The apprehension, and the pause in the sentence reveal to us that even she believes that it would be wrong to question faith, and thus shows us her empathy for the priests beliefs.
When the priest go’s to leave Coral adds “if they kill you I shan’t forgive them- ever”.
This line demonstrates that Coral is prepared to accept any responsibility, even of this vengeance without a second thought. The forceful tone in her voice emanates an almost motherly
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